Robotic Barista

Key features and benefits
1. 100% Arabica beans

100% fresh arabica beans

Pamper your taste buds with only the premium quality ingredients

2. customizable sugar

Customizable sugar and temperature level

It’s not one size fits all, but we can adapt to your preferences

3. Ready to take cup

Automatic cup and lid system

Hassle free experience, a cup ready to take on the go

Stable takeaway packaging

Making sure you do not spill your coffee while travelling

Our story

Brewed coffee was founded based on a simple idea to make comfort quality coffee more accessible and convenient to everyone.

In this fast-paced digital age, time is scarer than ever. We are constantly competing against time to achieve our success, spend time with our loved ones and have some “me” time. However, we are often held back by fatigue from over-stressing ourselves.

In times like this, a “pick-me-up” is the best solution to help relax our minds and allow us to recharge ourselves.

We have found the perfect solution to provide you the rest you need.

The Robotic Barista can serve you on-demand freshly brewed coffee to cater to your physical caffeine boost and emotional soul recharge.

Unique selling point

Transform your life through Robotic Barista

Have a barista that adapts to your schedule and needs.

Our Robotic Barista will always be ready to serve you whenever you need a coffee break. You can be 100% focused on your hustle, without worrying that your barista will close shop.

We share the privilege to achieve more

Everyone deserves a coffee break (or any form of break) in order to walk a longer journey.

– Experience quality coffee with more convenience

– Be rewarded with less than 2 minutes of brewing time

– Let our robotic barista take care of your physical and emotional wellbeing


"It’s was first time trying of the machine brewed coffee btw that’s good☺️ Hope there will be more branches in the future~"
Jenny. L
"Just want to say that your Matcha latte is soo good! My friends try caramel latte and the coffee is reallyyy good too (hehe I taste it). It's so underrated! I will try another type of coffee next time 🙂 thank you, keep it up! Will recommend this to my friend 😍"
Hasley. D
"Aww you're welcome! Please buat banyak lagi cawangan!! I love ur coffee cuma tempat dia terhad ♥️🤗"
Arina. K


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